What is a CashEx USD Virtual Card?

The CashEx USD Virtual Card is a pre-funded and reloadable virtual card that can be used for international online transactions. The card can be funded right from your CashEx USD wallet.

Is there a fee for creating a CashEx USD Virtual Card?

No, the CashEx USD virtual card is absolutely free to create.

Is there a fee for adding funds to the CashEx USD Virtual Card?

The CashEx USD virtual card can be funded once per calendar month for free. Subsequent fundings have a $2 fee.

What are the CashEx USD Virtual Card Funding, Spending, and Withdrawal Limits?

  • Maximum Daily Spend Limit – $5,000

  • Maximum Monthly Spend Limit – $5,000

  • Maximum Daily Funding Limit – $5,000

  • Maximum Monthly Funding Limit – $5,000

  • Maximum Quarterly Funding Limit – $20,000

  • Maximum Spend online at a time – $2,500

On what platforms can I use my CashEx USD Virtual Card?

Please note that the CashEx USD virtual card is available for international online transactions on platforms such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, Apple, Bolt, Flywire, Google, Grammarly, Netflix, Microsoft, TikTok, Twitter, Uber, Upwork, Zoom, etc.

Please note that you can only use the card on merchant sites that fall under our approved/supported merchant categories. The list of supported and unsupported merchant categories may evolve over time. We reserve the right to modify the list to meet certain legal and regulatory obligations.

I have a problem with a CashEx USD Virtual Card transaction. What do I do?

Do you have a complaint about your CashEx USD Card transaction? Please go to your Profile tab and click on Get support, then select “Chat with support” to send us the Transaction Reference.

The Transaction reference can be seen when you click on the Recent Transaction you have an issue with.

Also, please ensure that your CashEx app is updated to the latest version for a more seamless experience.

We’ll be happy to take a look at the issue and get it resolved for you.

What are the fees I will be paying for?

There are no monthly card maintenance, funding, or creation fees. They are absolutely free.

However, you will be charged the following flat fee based on your transaction amount:

  • $1.00 for transactions between $1 and $50
  • $1.50 for transactions between $51 and $100
  • $2.00 + 0.5% for transactions above $100

I tried making a payment on a website and it did not work, what else can I do also?

Check if the website accept Paypal as a payment method and try that instead, this always works. To integrate your CashEx USD Virtual card with Paypal, please see HERE.

Is my CashEx USD Virtual Card directly connected to my USD Wallet?

No, your CashEx USD Card is not automatically tied to your USD Wallet. The USD virtual card is a prefunded/prepaid card, which requires you to fund it from your wallet. This means that your CashEx Card balance is different from your CashEx USD wallet balance.

Can I use my CashEx USD Virtual Card to pay for local payments in Naira?

No. The CashEx USD Virtual card is to be used online for international payments in foreign currencies and not payments accepted in Naira.

What is my card Billing Address & Postal Code?

Please use the Address and Postal Code as displayed on your CashEx USD Virtual card.

  • Address: 256 Chapman Road STE 105-4
  • City: Newark
  • State: Delaware

  • Country: United States
  • Postal Code: 19702