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Save, Move and Send US dollars with CashEx

About Cashex

We are the future of digital banking for immigrants

CashEx helps immigrants moving to the US get more equitable access to financial services in the US.

Signup in minutes, setup your banking profile and start sending and receiving money instantly!
With our multicurrency wallet, you can receieve money in you local currency fast!
Save Extra
Our zero transaction fees allow you save more money for things that matter.
Cashex is very safe and secure to use to receive and send money between USA & Africa.
Multi-Curency Wallet
With our multi-currency wallet, you can swap your savings easily between currencies
Save Extra Money
By pegging your savings to US dollars your funds are protected from devaluation and you are able to save more money.
Moving to the US?
CashEx helps you move your US dollar savings to the US as you move with a seamless digital banking experience
100% Safe
CashEx is protected with bank-grade security. Deposits are held with banks insured by the NDIC and FDIC in the US
Why CashEx

Seamless US Dollar Transactions

We want to take away the financial stress from the migration journey. Our founding team experienced the challenges of moving money internationally as migrants from Africa and while working in financial services in the US.

Save USD

Swap your NGN for USD with our multi-currency wallet and protect your savings from devaluation

Move USD (coming soon)

Move your USD savings with you as you migrate to a new country.

Send USD (coming soon)

Send USD from the US to Africa with zero fees


We are extending our coverage quickly

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